Go With The Flow

The last thirty days has been an interesting ride.

With the change in direction at Auximiti, it has been interesting to see how people have responded. Many contacts have begun to interact more with us, which I take as a good sign that we moved in the right direction.  The question now is do we adjust again (not as drastically) or do we pursue the current plan.  It feels like what we are doing in general is interesting, but we have not found a specific product or service that is specifically interesting to a market segment.  I feel that until we get to that state, we haven’t found a potentially successful idea to focus around.

The change in direction started poking its nose around back in October.  We were struggling to gain traction using Physical Web and Nearby Notifications from Google for Android.  Google must have noticed this as well because in November, they axed Physical Web from their most recent versions of Android patches. The question became, will they do this with Nearby as well?

With very little technical development pursued in this field, we decided to move on.  Our iBeacon system is sound (and support isn’t going away anytime soon) so we will continue to integrate that system and offer the SDK and developer APIs, however we needed something new to add to the equation.

Enter Alexa, the Amazon home voice assistant, and voice enablement SDKs available for development.  Voice has been getting hot as a marketing, operations, and integrated system in the media and I can now say, we know how to architect, design, and develop for it.  I spent the better part of January consulting on a project but spent all of my spare time building Alexa Skills, understanding the architecture and design, creating Flash Briefing integrations, and researching other aspects of AWS Lambda.  The server-less architecture available is very useful and allows us to create development tools and business integrations in less time than any competition uses for traditional integrations.  Considering that our CTO Lucas wrote the first book ever on server-less architecture, it feels like a great fit for our team.

As I speak to everyone about this, I see eyes light up, eye brows perk, and smiles appear.  It seems everyone is very interested in the latest devices and technology coming out of Amazon and when they meet someone who is actually building things, they want to know more.  It’s more than hype.  It’s the moment when people start to realize the power, disruption, innovation, and time savings a system provides with accurate speech-to-text capabilities.