Beacon Companies Incoming

I’m writing this post now because I’ve started to see companies enter the beacon marketing space in the last few months. Companies that resell other platforms and setup their clients on Google Nearby while doing little to none actual work themselves. These people know how to market and sell a product, see that there is proof of concept, and have managed to turn a tidy profit. Good for them! With the expected 400 million beacons in the world by 2021 we need more proximity service providers. Auximiti continues to expand its offerings to go beyond the simple beacon marketing system that was initially created in 2016. While these people are helping companies, we’re helping brands bring one to one engagement to their customers.

The incoming wave of beacon marketing companies

There has always been a number of companies that will learn about technologies, white label them, and resell the services. This is a super common approach to building a business and one that we at Auximiti have partially adopted as well. With beacons, this could grow from a trickle to a torrent as the hardware is inexpensive, the setup is super easy, and the benefits are quick and easy to provide proof of for customers. When all is said and done, I would not be surprised if hundreds of new companies are in the beacon space, setting up customers, and connecting the world we live in.  I think it’s awesome.

Another reason this is going to continue as a trend is all of the hype and marketing that has been pumped into the “Internet of Things”.  We are at the peak of inflated expectations and companies all over see IoT as a way to solve all their problems. This is naive, but it’s what hype does. With all the hype, comes those who prey on false hopes and work to get a quick buck.  Naturally, the trough of disillusionment comes after and buyers find who is making a real quality product versus who is trying to cash in. You have to deliver the value if you want to build a long term business.

Why this matters

Auximiti has been a beacon centric company for the past year and may continue to do so, however with more and more businesses the market will soon become flooded with providers of this new technology. Why will someone buy from your company (my company, Auximiti) when a competitor offers the seemingly same product at a lower cost? Our answer can be divided into three parts and we encourage our prospects to take time and consideration of their beacon marketing strategy when they make these decisions.

1. Auximiti is a technology company.

Why does this matter?  We don’t sell technology that we don’t see working and we don’t sell solutions unless the problem they solve is present.  Many of the companies opening up shop in beacon marketing aren’t looking at these questions.  I’ve seen their marketing material and it can get to be as rude as saying “They can’t stop you from putting your ad on their phone.”  They are encouraging a SPAM type of system which isn’t what the consumer is asking for and won’t deliver as much value as we can.  Our approach is to look at the problem first and then apply the technologies, processes, and persons that will solve it. It’s half consulting and half service provider and our expertise helps our clients succeed to greater degrees.

2. Auximiti is greater than beacons.

Beacon marketing is a fun idea, a valuable marketing technology, and an essential component of the evolving technology world that is ushering in the “Internet of Things” paradigm. That being said, it isn’t the end-all be-all of marketing solutions. Larger companies will need more than a simple beacon sending promotions to interested passersby. The brand image, the customer engagement, the immersive experience, and the predictive automation are all essential components of Real-Time Marketing solutions in the IoT age. Auximiti knows and works with all of these components and how to include them in a proximity-based solution. Does your brand provide chat-bots to solve small problems and help out your customers? Does your brand rely on the human experience and a chat-bot would detract from that? Does your brand have a VIP loyal customer base with minimal churn? Does your brand want to create one? These questions help drive the focus of proximity based real-time mobile marketing and engagement products. We thrive at asking the right questions and learning about our customers to build the right solution for each one.

3. Auximiti is automation.

Many of these new companies in the space will tell their customers to simply put their homepage or current digital promotion copy onto the beacon redirect. We do this too as our bare-bones approach to inbound sales. We also do so much more. Leave Auximiti with your brand copy, marketing campaigns, and promotions, and Auximiti will build you premium designed content, automated and optimized messaging, and analytical results. Not only do you offload the extra work for beacon marketing, you receive premium content, new copy to use in other places, and a more cohesive feeling for your beacon marketing campaigns. If copy isn’t your core competency, we can work with your partners or you can adopt ours to build amazing fresh content.

Where do we go from here

For starters, look at problems, look at beacon marketing as a potential solution, and hash out some objectives, goals, and initiatives that will bring a project together. Next, research Auximiti, and our competitors, to find the right provider for you. Do you need an app built, a new https mobile friendly website, technical expertise, and a well maintained, automated system? Maybe we’re the right fit. Do you want to slam a couple beacons on your storefront, point them at your website, and forget about it? We can do that and so can many others. If you want a monthly consulting call or advisory/support call to help your system maintain its effectiveness ask about that too.  I encourage you to do your research and find the right solution because your success is all that matters.

Best of luck to you in this new beacony world.