Why Apple, Why? (Google too)

You control all the phones in the world and control a duopoly on the ecosystems we have to work with.

You promise breakthroughs but deliver advancements.  (Not bad but why promises?)

You focus on the details too much, instead of just getting them right.

You both imprison and enrich our lives with the necessity of “apps”.


There is no disruption in the digital telephone anymore. (Also known as a super computer.) Apple is set in its tracks on maintaining their dominance and enticing their current customer base with every new edition.  Android is no longer being customized by third parties due to security, features, and other advancements that Google is a sole provider of due to its size (and IP). Finally, Windows Phone is Dead.  Maybe it will resurrect as the Surface Phone, but for now I’m presuming otherwise.

With such control over their ecosystems and us people caught within them, sometimes you wonder why they would innovate at all?  And then you realize they really don’t.

I say it is time to look for what is coming to disrupt all of these devices.  What technology will remove phones from our pockets and purses forever.  It isn’t IoT.  IoT let’s us connect systems in the cloud and around us but the Smart Phone is one of those devices.  It will continue to be used with IoT, and potentially more often than before.  That’s worrisome.

Maybe A.I. will find a way to help us here.  After all it can understand what we say, what we’re asking for in context, and has vast resources to make our inconveniences go away (traffic jams come to mind). But we need a new device that transforms the way we interact with technology.  Something that we may (or may not) carry with us and provides better solutions to us than our phones.

Maybe it’s a quantum A.I. interface? Or an Eye-Contact HUD?  Or an IoT Ear Bud?

We’ll see where we go.