A Tribe Called A.I.

Sandy Carter tweeted an interesting article today about the different types of artificial intelligence and the communities that surround them.  It put them in groups or “tribes” which have similar abilities and are in some form of war with each other for supremacy, dominance, and an A.I. version of Darwinian evolution.

Whether you are a A.I. Evolutionist (developers of Genetic Algorithms that evolve themselves) or a Kernel Conservative (developers who match a particular A.I. template or approach to a problem and then develop the machine learning system to solve it) it does not come as a surprise that you want to find a more efficient solution to a problem.  Why else would you decide to use your chosen version of A.I. over another.

I think these “13 Tribes of Intelligence” will co-exist as we find their different strengths and weaknesses and apply them in the most efficient ways possible.  Knowing about all of these approaches, their strengths and weaknesses, and applying them based on quantifiable criteria instead of “which tribe you belong to” will save time, money, and maybe even lives.  (If the system is matching Kidney donors with receivers like the system in the U.K.’s NHS then lives are literally at stake.)